Examples of our CCS/US experience

  • Carbon Fluids has worked with a major oil company to analyse and model the performance of an operating CCS project at In Salah in Algeria. This included an analysis of the performance of the CO2 injection wells, the hydrocarbon production wells and building a dynamic reservoir model with coupled geomechanical response.
    Publications include:

    • D.W. Vasco et al, “Monitoring and Modeling Caprock Integrity at the In Salah Carbon Dioxide Storage Site, Algeria”, AGU Geophysical Monograph Series, Caprock Integrity, Ed J. Fink, in press.
    • J. P. Verdon et al, “A Comparison of Geomechanical Deformation Induced by ‘Megatonne’ Scale CO2 Storage at Sleipner, Weyburn and In Salah”, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 2013.
    • Bissell, R.C. et al, “A Full Field Simulation of the in Salah Gas Production and CO2 Storage Project Using a Coupled Geo-mechanical and Thermal Fluid Flow Simulator.” Energy Procedia, 4, 3290-3297, Proceedings from GHGT-10, Amsterdam, 19-23 September 2010.
  • Carbon Fluids was heavily involved with a proposed CCS project in Australia for a major international gas company. Work lasting several years included analytical scoping study, well test interpretations, injectivity studies, sensitivities and uncertainties studies and storage reservoir simulation modelling.
  • We were contracted by a major UK gas company to provide reservoir engineering input and sub-surface leadership to a project examining CCS/US in the UK continental shelf.